Cyprus: Your Gateway to Mediterranean Excellence for Relocation

Oct 09, 2023


Cyprus is recognized as a cornerstone of excellence in the Mediterranean and there are an abundance of compelling reasons for both individuals and companies to consider relocating to Cyprus. From its Mediterranean lifestyle to its favorable tax advantages and strategic location, here are six reasons why Cyprus has become a new home to many. 

1) Tax Savvy Cyprus: Where Your Earnings Thrive

Cyprus has established itself as a tax-friendly destination, making it particularly attractive to businesses and investors. With a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%, it offers various tax incentives for specific sectors, enhancing its allure as a tax-efficient jurisdiction. These incentives can include benefits such as certain tax advantages and exemptions from taxation on foreign income, including dividends, interest, and rental income. Moreover, Cyprus boasts competitive personal income tax rates, further adding to its appeal for high-net-worth individuals considering relocation.

2) Cyprus' Optimal Geographical Positioning

Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa; Cyprus enjoys a strategically advantageous location for international business activities. It serves as a gateway to the European Union, providing businesses with easy access to the vast EU market. Moreover, Cyprus's proximity to the Middle East and North Africa opens doors to emerging markets, making it an ideal location for companies seeking to expand their global reach.

3) Cyprus' Elevated Standard of Living

Cyprus stands tall with its commitment to a high standard of living. The nation proudly features a robust infrastructure, cutting-edge healthcare facilities, a comprehensive national healthcare plan, top-notch private and public educational institutions, and a diverse range of recreational and social activities. Furthermore, Cyprus maintains a notably low crime rate, reinforcing a strong sense of safety and security for its residents and their families.

4) English: A Widely Used Language in Cyprus

Cyprus attracts international professionals and families with an enticing proposition - the widespread use and fluency of English in Cyprus, as well as its multitude of International British and American schools. Language barriers that often accompany international relocation make such a move daunting, but when relocating to Cyprus there is no need to fret. In Cyprus, English isn't just a language; it's a bridge connecting you to an international community, a diverse culture and a thriving business landscape.

5) The Cyprus Expat Experience Along with EU Residency

With Cyprus being a member of the European Union, there are a host of advantages one can benefit from when moving to Cyprus. EU citizenship affords freedom of movement within the EU, access to healthcare services, and the opportunity to study or work in other EU member states.

EU membership enhances the international appeal of Cyprus and opens doors to a broader range of opportunities. Alongside Cyprus’ European membership, Cyprus has a thriving and diverse expatriate community. Cyprus is home to many international professionals, families and retirees which caters to Cyprus’ multicultural environment, fostering cultural exchange and opportunities for networking.

6) Cyprus' Mediterranean Tranquil Living

Lifestyle and climate go hand in hand together; endless summers and mild winters means more time to spend at some of the World’s leading beaches. Cyprus’ picturesque mountain landscapes, and an easy-going atmosphere summons those in search of a relaxed and enjoyable way of life. The Mediterranean lifestyle is not just about the weather but also includes the island's rich culinary traditions, outdoor activities, and vibrant social scene.

If you are considering relocating to Cyprus, the offerings are significant. Its Mediterranean lifestyle, tax advantages, strategic location, high standard of living, English proficiency, rich cultural heritage, business opportunities, safety, EU membership, and welcoming expatriate community make it a top choice for both individuals and businesses seeking a new beginning. Regardless of your reason for relocating to Cyprus, you can rest assured that our experienced team of relocation specialists at  ATG Corporate Services Limited and Relocate Cyprus, will guide you through the entire process, providing a bespoke client experience that ensuring your relocation to Cyprus is seamless and successful. 

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